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Holiday Sale 2013–good through 12/31/13–

My Editor 911 sale is currently 20 percent off the editing and/or proofreading of any written document. I usually figure this per page with a page being 12 point font, Times New Roman, double spaced, which works out to about 250-275 words a page. The normal price for a full edit averages about $3.00 a page (full edit means proofreading and editing for content/pacing/characters, etc). SO, the sale price is $2.40. The normal price for just a proofreading or just a style edit is $2.00 a page, so with the sale, it is $1.60. Please e-mail me with your project and your word count, and I can give you a quote with the sale price. My e-mail address is margo (at) margodill.com. If you want to take advantage of the sale price, BUT you are not going to have your manuscript ready for me until January, then you can pay a small deposit before 12/31/13 to secure your spot and send me the manuscript in January! I know how the holidays can be.

***Special note: For those of you doing NaNoWriMo 2013 (like me!), I am giving 25 percent off to anyone who completes 50,000 words during the month of November on their first 50,000 words. (If you wrote more than 50,000, then the rest is 20 percent off.) Contact me for more details!

Does your term paper, dissertation, or thesis need tweaking or your notes need typing?

Maybe you’ve written a book or short story that needs to be edited or critiqued?


“Your Projects Are My Emergency!”
*Personal, friendly, creative, and professional service*

Contact Editor 911 for your typing, critiquing, and editing needs at margo [at] wow-womenonwriting [dot] com or margo (at) margodill.com

Please send any information in the text of an email. Attachments will not be opened.
Thank you for your consideration.

Qualifications for Margo Dill:
**B.S. in English from Truman State University (TSU), Kirksville, MO
**M.A.E. in Elementary Education from TSU, Kirksville, MO
**Certificate in Special Reading K-12, University of MO, Columbia
**Nine years experience in critiquing fiction and nonfiction
**Contributing editor for WOW! Women On Writing
**Sixteen years teaching experience—two years as a writing specialist
**News Correspondent for The News Gazette
**Award- winning author, Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators member
**Past president of Missouri Writers’ Guild

EDITING/PROOFREADING/TYPING: dissertations, business documents, term papers,
short stories, novels, nonfiction books, book proposals, or just about any written

TYPING: $2.00 per page, double-spaced, if typing from a legible, handwritten
document; prices vary if typing from another source

GRAMMATICAL EDIT/PROOFREADING: $3.00*** per page, double-spaced
Includes: grammatical structure, spelling, syntax, subject-verb agreement, punctuation,
and paragraphing

STYLE EDIT: $3.00*** per page, double-spaced
Includes: word usage, sentence structure, general flow of the document, comments on
plot or characters (for fiction), and overall polishing or critique of work

FULL EDIT: $5.00*** per page, double-spaced
Includes the grammatical and style edits listed above

*****If paid by the hour, the cost is $25.00 an hour.
*****A double-spaced page equals 250 words. (This is an industry standard.)

***PLEASE NOTE: Discounts are provided for documents with more than 10
pages, repeat customers, and referrals. Discounts if you are a student.
Please contact Margo for personalized pricing or information on any service not listed
above. I am easy to work with and willing to negotiate!

**Checks and credit cards (through PayPal) are accepted for payment.

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Here’s what writers are saying about Editor 911:

Margo Dill has been a member of my local critique group for many years. With her
help, dozens of us have found markets for our work. Myself and another member now
have contracts with an agent because of the valuable comments Margo gave us as
we wrote our novels. Her comments are always made with kindness and the true
desire to help our writing be the best it can be. She is also very willing to heap praise
on a writer when the work merits it. I’d recommend Margo to anyone who needs either
a complete edit or just a little help to get going in the right direction with their work.
-Luella Turner, Novelist

Margo Dill is a highly skilled and expertly qualified writer, teacher, editor, speaker, judge and critique giver. I’ve known Margo for nearly a decade. During that time she has volunteered her service as a judge in several writing competitions sponsored by Saturday Writers—a chapter of the Missouri Writers’ Guild. In addition to serving as a judge, she provided feedback to encourage young writers to fulfill their writing dreams. Over the years, she has provided excellent feedback for my own work as well as the work of members of Thursday Writers (a critique group to which we both belong). In providing feedback, Margo has the uncanny ability to see the big picture, while also showing amazing attention to detail. Because of her contributions, almost everyone in our critique group (about 12 members) has been published in some media. Margo’s critiques are thorough and candid, yet gentle and encouraging. She has excellent organizational skills and a detailed knowledge of the writing fundamentals, such as: grammar, punctuation, spelling and sentence and story structure. She also knows writing techniques, dialogue, style and those intangibles that make her own writing, and the writing, of those whom she critiques, shine. In addition to all those qualities, Margo also follows through on everything she does. When Margo promises to do something, you can guarantee she will do it–and give even more than she promised.
-Donna Volkenannt
Former President, Missouri Writers’ Guild

Thanks for your expert help on my published nonfiction work.
-Doyle Suit, Freelance Writer

Margo edited and reviewed my first term paper when I was a new grad student. She paid special attention to the areas I asked her to focus on and provided a very detailed and organized list of corrections I should consider. Her comments definitely improved the quality of my paper.
-Natalie, University of Illinois Grad Student

I had no experience in writing when I decided to write my memoir. Feeling that I needed some help, I turned to Margo. She was an excellent proofreader and writing coach. She was always pleasant to work with and always delivered what I asked for in a timely, professional manner. She was honest in her feedback, and I could not have completed my book without her help. She is creative and has a gift for putting thoughts into words. In addition to my book, she helped me prepare a query letter, a synopsis, and a resume. I had a positive response from the query letter she prepared, and my manuscript is currently being reviewed by a publisher. I have no hesitation in recommending Margo for all your writing needs.
-Margaret Norton, Memoir Writer

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