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  1. Carole M. Di Tosti (@mercedeskat45)

    As a former teacher who believes that all children are gifted ( contrary to what the education system instills) I chafed at the bit of having to treat all kids as if they should be at various learning levels by certain years of their lives. Of course, if kids didn’t learn “what they were supposed to by that level, they FAILED. Ha, ha and then their failure became associated with a letter grade or number and the other kids frightened to death of this labeling, deal with it by bullying and ridiculing the “failures.” Kids learn viscerally…we do not give them time to do that. It was the bane of my existence in the educational system which I despised, but did my best to offset this basic lie of humanity…administrators could give a damn and have little to do with instruction. DISCIPLINE IS KEY. They didn’t want problems…who cared if kids slept, learned, or whatever. (I taught in a district that was urban suburban…but good schools are few and far between…I mean public schools where ALL CAN EXCELL at their own pace and not be labeled if a child takes a different route toward learning.) Parents must be involved in their child’s learning as much as possible…encourage him/her at every turn and help them when they need help. The current public school system is so flawed in so many ways… it is based on a factory model (you would think public education would have progressed by now….nope). Of course, FAILURE is not tolerated. How do we get around this lie? Parents must be loving and encouraging, and when you find a teacher who doesn’t buy into the system or the lie, work with them. Anyway, parents need all the help they can get and Tough’s book so unds like a great offering.

  2. Margo Dill
    Margo Dill June 10, 2013 at 7:08 pm |

    Thanks, Carole. I appreciate your comment, your knowledge, and your passion! :)

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