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  1. Becky
    Becky December 16, 2012 at 10:08 am |

    Hi Margo. Thanks for writing about this today. Although I agree about why in the world someone other than authorized personnel should ever be allowed to buy these kinds of weapons, I don’t believe that A) spending money on more security, B) changing gun laws, or C) doing everything humanly possible to try to help the severely mentally ill, will ever totally stop these kinds of horrific events. Somehow, someway, if a person wants to do the unspeakable, they will find a way.

    We who are of sound mind and can’t fathom these kinds of actions, always want to try to understand “why” and to prevent it from happening again. And obviously, we all pray that it never will.

  2. Carole Di Tosti
    Carole Di Tosti December 16, 2012 at 8:03 pm |

    We can do all we can as a nation, get security, make sure every gun on the streets is licensed and etched with an identity number, give manufacturers’ marks to bullets and start holding manufacturers of guns and bullets accountable and liable for every death used by a weapon purchased legally or illegally. We can make our schools like those in NYC. Metal detectors, security aides, more assistant principals and counselors, etc. We can do all AND STILL THINGS WILL OCCUR.

    The information is still coming out. Supposedly, Lanza used the guns at his disposal to shoot his way into the school. How can security stop that? You need police with arms in the schools, then. As more information comes out, we may or may not begin to understand what to do. Prevention may not be possible. But readiness of the heart must be. Faith, hope, love are paramount. Belief and faith are paramount to help families get to the next day and to make sense if possible of a senseless act. Above all it is the understanding each one of us must have about life; that life and death are one…that we are like vapors and can leave and pass at any time…that we are precious, that we must not take each other for granted…that we must love. Short of eternal values, faith in Christ and God, and loving each other, there is no way to arm ourselves against such an onslaught of senseless violence that has no real blame…once we begin to understand the individual and his family and how/why he could be capable of such a sad act against the innocent.

    I am grateful for each and every day here…kiss your loved ones and tell them you love them…they can’t hear it enough. Help your neighbors and community in whatever way you can and be involved. We cannot know what really happened in Newtown…maybe never will know. But we can become more loving prayerful individuals, parents, spouses, friends as a result of it. That is my vow; that is my memorial to the lives lost; that is my advocacy.

    God bless.

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