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Go Trick or Treating With Me. . .

LEAVE A COMMENT ON MY BLOG TODAY and be entered to win either a free copy of TWILIGHT or a free 10-page (double-spaced) edit from Editor 911 (that’s me) on any written work! It’s your choice. Two prizes will be given. by Margo Dill,, In the spirit and fun of Halloween, I am […]

Teaching Reading Skills and Other Subjects with Books

Books are cool. Children’s and teens’ books are especially cool. Is it the covers? Yes! The illustrations? Yes! The subject matter? Yes! But what makes them especially, especially cool is that you can use them in your classroom or with your child at home (if you homeschool or you don’t) to work on reading, writing, […]

How To Use This Site (Or How to Navigate it)

This blog is meant to be used. I am hoping teachers, parents, librarians, and even kids will find it helpful when choosing a book to read and/or using it for learning experiences in the classroom or at home. You don’t have to use the book or post from today’s date. About four to five times […]